Global Financial Services


Creating opportunity without exception.

A global business account built to scale with your business, with $0 monthly fees. Multi-currency virtual Visa cards with 0% international fees and instant AU, US, UK and EU business accounts. Exclusive offers on leading SaaS with Airwallex Rewards. 90% better FX rates than major banks.

Use Case Scenarios

  • Set up free local bank accounts in foreign countries e.g. Set up a USD bank account in the US, connect to a payment gateway or marketplace and receive local currency from international customers
  • Fast, cheap and transparent payments (up to 90% cheaper than the banks) when paying international suppliers, paying staff overseas or bringing back foreign currency from overseas customersCreate unlimited free virtual Visa cards with no international transaction fees to save money on USD SaaS payments such as Shopify, AWS, Klaviyo etc. 
  • No setup or monthly fees. Only pay when converting from one currency to another
  • Automatically sync your multi-currency Airwallex transactions to Xero, alleviating tedious data entry